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Bhajan Kiirtan

To listen to bhajans, please

Why do Bhajan?

bulletBhakti Yoga (The Path of Devotion) by Swami Sivananda
bulletSankiirtan Yoga (Singing of the Lord's Name) by Swami Sivananda
bulletJapa Yoga or Mantra Yoga (Repetition of the Lord's Name) by Swami Sivananda
bulletBhajan Singing by Sai Baba
bulletNama Smarana by Sai Baba

Other Bhajan Audio Sites Old Mirror for this site
bulletMeri Maiyaa Bhajans
bulletRadio of India's Real Audio Bhajan Channel
bulletBhajans in MP3
bulletSai Bhajans with text and meanings
bulletMusic India Online (Real Audio)
bulletSaibaba Bhajans
bulletAryasamaj Bhajans
bulletSiddhiVanayaka Temple - Shlokas, Stotras, Bhajans & Aaratii (Real Audio)
bulletAIR Bhajans (Real Audio)
bulletAIIR Spiritual Moments (Real Audio) (Real Audio & MP3) (Real Audio & MP3) (Real Audio & MP3) Audio & MP3)
bulletNeelam's Devotional (Real Audio Samples)
bulletMarathi Bhajans (Real Audio)
bulletCarnatic Music (Real Audio) 
bulletSai Bhajans (Midi )
bulletSai Bhajans (Commercial )

Other Sites with Bhajan Texts

bulletBhanot's Collection of Bhajans
bulletDaiviiya Sangiita by Dev Thakur
bulletHindi Devotional Songs -ISB 3.1
bulletMarathi Devotional Songs -ISB 3.1
bulletMarathi Bhajan & Aaratii
bulletKannada Bhajans
bulletKashmiri Bhajans

Other Sites to see
bulletSowmya's Bhagvad Gita Page
bulletSanskrit Documents List
bulletSatsangh's Hindu Pujas Page

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