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.. ! s:v: S:eVt:m:t: p:rm:atm:n: :i ram:ay: n:m:H ..
m:r ram: ! m:r n:aT: ! ! 

A:p: s:v:dy:al: h:, s:v:s:m:T: h:, s:v:*: h:, s:v:w h: . A:p:k: 
k:eXS: n:m:skar . 

A:p:n: s:aD:n:a k el:y: m:an:v: S:rir edy:a h A:r )et: x:N: dy:a krt: 
rht: h . A:p:k An:nt: up:kar: ka ?N: n:hi c:ka s:kt:a . 
p:j:a s: A:p:k: erJ:an: ka )y:as: krn:a c:aht:a h .

Ap:n:i kp:a s: m:r ev::as: d` kiej:y: ek 'ram: m:ra s:v:sv: h 
'. 'm: ram: ka h '. 's:b: m:r ram: ka h '. 's:b: m:r 
ram: k h '. 's:b: ram: k m:g:l:m:y: ev:D:an: s: h:t:a h A:r us:i 
m: m:ra kly:aN: en:eht: h '.

Ap:n:i AK:NR sm:et: diej:y: . ram: n:am: ka j:p: krt:a rh . r:m: r:m: 
m: ram: b:s:a h . hr sT:an: p:r hr s:m:y: ram: k: s:m:ip: dK: . 
Ap:n:i c:rN: S:rN: m: Aev:c:l: :a diej:y: . m:r s:m:st: s:klp: 
ram: EcCa m: ev:l:in: h: . ram: kp:a m: An:ny: B:r:s:a rK: kr 
s:dv: s:nt: A:r en:e:nt: rh, S:ant: rh, m:st: rh . 

Os:i b:e A:r S:eVt: diej:y: ek v:t:m:an: p:eresT:et: ka s:dp:y::g: krk, 
p:ra s:m:y: A:r p:ri y::gy:t:a l:g:a kr Ap:n:a kt:vy: l:g:n: uts:ah A:r 
)s: ec:: s: krt:a rh . m:r ara k:I Os:a km: n: h:n: p:ay: 
ej:s:m: m:r ev:v:k ka ev:r:D: h: . 

s:ty:, en:m:l:t:a, s:rl:t:a, )s:t:a, ev:n:m:t:a, m:D:rt:a m:ra 
sv:B:av: h: . 

dK:i k: dK: kr s:hj: k,eN:t: A:r s:K:i k: dK: kr s:hj: )s: h: 
j:aU . m:r j:iv:n: m: j:: s:K: ka AS: h v:h ds:r: k kam: A:y: A:r 
j:: dK: ka AS: h v:h m:J: ty:ag: es:K:ay: . 

m:ri )aT:n:a h ek A:p:ka AB:y: hst: s:da m:r m:st:k p:r rh . 
A:p:ki kp:a s:da s:b: p:r b:n:i rh . s:b: )aeN:y:: m: s:dB:av:n:a 
b:`t:i rh . ev:: ka kly:aN: h: .

! S:aent: S:aent: S:aent:H .

Daily Prayer
Oh! Ram, my Lord!

You are omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. You know everything and
are kind to everybody. I bow to you time and again.

You have given us the human body for spiritual advancement and are ever
merciful. I cannot redeem the countless favours you have bestowed on me.
I would try to please you only through prayers.

Have mercy and reinforce my faith that Ram is everything for me. I am
Ram's and everything and everybody belong to my Ram. Everything happens
as per your benevolent orders and my welfare is included therein.

Make me remember you constantly by repeating your name and let me feel
your presence with horripilation  at every place and at all times.

Grant me refuge in your lotus feet and let all my desires merge in
reaching you. Let me be free from care and sorrow through my constant
faith in you. May your boundless mercy lead me  to revel and delight in

Give me intellect and strength so I can make the best use of the time;
do my duty, willingly, cheerfully, enthusiastically and  to the best of
my ability. Let me not do anything that militates against my conscience.

Let my nature be moulded by truth, purity, simplicity, cheerfulness,
humility and sweetness. (Alt: Let Truth, Purity, Simplicity,
Cheerfulness, Humility and Sweetness constitute my Nature.) Let me show
spontaneous compassion towards the suffering people and spontaneous
satisfaction on seeing the happy ones. Let others be benefited by
whatever is good in me and let me discard whatever is bad in me.

My prayer unto you is: May your protective hand ever rest on my head.
May you be ever merciful towards one and all and at all times. May there
be amity amongst all the living beings. May peace and happiness pervade
the entire world.

OM! ShantiH! ShantiH! ShantiH!
dainika praarthanaa by Shri Shiv Dayalji Srivastav
English Translation by Shri S. V. Ganesanji
You can use the name of your own ishhTa deva instead of Ram, if you like.

ITRANS version updated on \today

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July 03, 2003